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Rocker BlotterBack in the 1800's, writers used a device called a 'Rocker Blotter'. With blotter paper attached, they would rock the blotter back and forth over the wet writing to absorb excess ink left over from writing with a quill or fountain pen. This way they didn't have to wait for the ink to dry.

A few of our writing slope clients asked us if there was a way to integrate a separate compartment for their rocker blotter. Here is what we came up with ↓ ↓

Integrating a Rocker Blotter Storage Compartment

Sketch LayoutRather than lay it on it's side, we added a custom partition so that the rocker blotter could stand upright. In the back compartment, where various drawers and inkwell compartments were located, seemed to be the best location, allowing headroom for this tool to stand upright.
Rocker Blotter overall dimensionsThere are many sizes and styles of Rocker Blotters available on the market today, so the overall dimensions of the one they planned to use was important to know in advance.

Our client chose the J.Herbin Rocker Blotter »»
View More ImagesHere is a Custom Walnut Writing Slope we designed showing the location for a partition to house the J. Herbin Rocker Blotter.

When the back compartment lid (aka: flap) is closed, the rocker blotter sits snug in its custom compartment. No fear of it getting knocked around in transport and still plenty of room for note cards, envelopes, etc. in this section.

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